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Lularoe loses Patrick Winget
Lularoe Patrick Winget Quits

Why did Lularoe Patrick Winget Quit Lularoe?

News is spreading far and wide in the Lularoe market about Patrick Winget quitting Lularoe. He announced on his social media account.

See Mr. Winget’s Bio below:

The Bio of Lularoepro Patrick Winget
Lularoe’s Patrick Winget’s Bio

Why is Patrick Winget Leaving Lularoe?

While Patrick did not go into details as to why he is leaving Lularoe, many are speculating that he was fired. However, there is no proof as of right now that Patrick was fired from Lularoe.

Additionally, there have been an email which was sent out to consultants from Lularoe Headquarters about the situation:


We’d like to take a moment to let you know that our friend Patrick Winget, who has been serving as Chief Merchant for LuLaRoe has decided to step down from his role, and pursue other opportunities. Additionally, Patrick will be spending some important and precious time attending to some personal family matters.

Patrick has added strong expertise in production and design at LuLaRoe. While we will miss his passion for fashion, we are excited for him and will continue to cheer him on.

Our vision for this brand remains focused on beautifully designed garments at the right price and aligned with your customer’s expectation. Recently, you have seen a more strict emphasis on prints, patterns, fabric blends, and stronger curation. We are grateful for the continued feedback we receive from you and your customers about the happiness this brand helps ignite.

Moving forward operationally, we will be separating Design and Production roles as distinct and important elements to continue to provide you high quality and beautifully designed clothing. We will continue to keep you up-to-date on all the happenings at LuLaRoe and share the new and exciting things to come.

Please respect Patrick’s decision and provide him some space as he works through this important time in his life.

We hope each of you have a wonderful weekend and know how grateful we are for each of you and your continued contribution to the LuLaRoe community.


DeAnne and mark

What happens next?

Since Patrick have announced he no longer will be working for Lularoe, some people have speculated that this may be the beginning of the end of Lularoe. Right now we all just have to wait and see how Lularoe handle this situation and others like it as time goes on.


***Update: Two More Lularoe Employees Have Left***


***Update (12/1/2018): MyDyer’s Lawsuit Against Lularoe/MyDyer is suing Lularoe for Unpaid Inventory***

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