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Where Can Overseas Buyers Purchase LuLaRoe?

Unfortunately, Lularoe isn’t being sold to people who live outside of the United States.

I have been following the Lularoe craze for the longest. I have seen some of the lives and followed some consultants. However, I cannot make a purchase due to living outside the United States. I have tried reaching out to several consultants in the past and was told they do not want to get their business in trouble and therefore, could not help me.

I completely understand that. Money is needed to pay the bills. So what’s a girl to do? Look for alternatives.

I have turned to combing through comments on various sites (facebook, twitter, private forums, etc.) in the hopes of finding clothes that are similar to Lularoe.

Here are some alternatives I have found, have purchased, or will purchase in the future


Alternative to the Lularoe Amelia

Please note: the following dress is sleeveless while Lularoe Amelia has sleeves:

Dress with side pockets

While the dress in the ad below has short sleeves, there are some long sleeve version of this dress on Amazon

Casual wear

I really love the following dress. It’s an A-line

Kimono Cardigans

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