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Be Your Own Boss, Grow Your Business But Learn to Outsource

Congratulations, you have taken the first step in owning your own business and working from home. However, it is quite possible your business will not last and you will be back in the very same rat race you have been trying to runaway from all these years.


Simple. You have tried to be a superhuman because you fail to outsource. Unfortunately, that would lead to huge mistakes and ultimately you will burn out.

Business Owners Have Help

How many CEOs/business owners do you know that answer their emails, conduct business over the phone, do customer service, write on their company’s blog, do accounting, etc. In most businesses, employees are hired to do specific jobs. Customer service representatives, secretaries, accountants, etc. are all people who help to make a business run smoothly.

However, when I hear someone say they are running their business from home or are starting an online job, oftentimes, that person is usually doing EVERYTHING themselves. Later on, there are complaints about how it is difficult to work from home because there is so many things to do and not enough time to do them.

Everything begins to fall out of place. Family life begins to suffer because the business owner is busy trying to keep the her or his company running. Business begin to tank because the business owner is stressed out. So much to do with so little time.

Why Outsource?

The freelancing industry exists for a reason. Everyone knows that the average person cannot run a business all by themselves. Hiring someone who specializes in a niche can save business owners time and lead to the possibility of a more successful business.

If you hate to write, why suffer through a blog post when you can hire and train a freelance blogger?

Where to Outsource?

There are several places you can use to put out ads for freelance writers. Craigslist and Reddit are just two great places freelancers can be found.

Fiverr is another place you can find freelancers of every kind.

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