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Alternative to LulaRoe DeAnne II

Following the Lularoe Mesh Dress trend

The new DeAnne II by Lularoe has gotten many people excited. Except me. I can’t purchase it since I’m living abroad. However, I’m looking for alternatives to LulaRoe DeAnne II and found a few (These aren’t exact matches to the Lularoe’s DeAnne II).


Here is what the LuLaRoe DeAnne II looks like:

Here are some alternatives to Lularoe DeAnne II


I’m not 100% into floral prints and think this one looks great:

I just love this hi-low dress and it’s on my “To buy” list.


  1. And plus size women everywhere remember why they shop Lularoe. None of these are available in the sizes many of us need.

    • Thank you for your comment. If you notice, some of the dress listed do have sizes for plus size women. I think one of the dress had a size up to 14 XXXL. I do know there are women who are larger. However, as I pointed out. I cannot buy Lularoe because it isn’t being sold outside the United States. I contacted several Lularoe Consultants including Meri Brown (from TLC’s Sister Wives).

      All refused to go against Lularoe’s terms of service which states no selling outside of the US.

      Therefore, these alternatives are geared towards women who enjoy the look of Lularoe but cannot either afford it or purchase it. When Lularoe is sold outside the US and to the country I reside in, maybe I will reconsider.

      As always, thanks for stopping by and I appreciate your comments.

  2. Michelle Bentfield

    Thank You

  3. Michelle Bentfield

    Thank You and I see a bunch in larger sizes. I look forward to trying a few of these.

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